Construction Equipment Offers New Features:

The following are several new features that Construction Equipment has to offer:

New for 2024:

1.) Blog section:

In a blog post, we will combine articles and videos to showcase your company culture - along with embedding employment opportunities by category. (See example below).

Blog posts are visible via online searches - and remain on the net and the site while in active status.

They are an effective way to get potential candidates to see both your company culture and employment opportunities all in one post:

Note: The content of a blog post is up to individual companies.

i.e. Have a mechanic celebrating 10 years with the company? Let's do a short article on them and combine all your open tech positions in a blog post.

Basic example - click on image below to be taken to post:

Please also note: In blog posts we can additionally embed your company homepage for even more exposure to all your company has to offer.

2.) Tech/Trade/Apprenticeship Program Advertising:

We will advertise any tech/trade/apprenticeship programs that a company is affiliated on all blog posts (See example in link above). We are big proponents of these programs and obviously understand how important they are for the industry.

3.) Enhanced Featured Advertising on the Homepage:

A great way to catch the eyes of Industry Professionals who visit the site - linking potential candidates directly to a company's career site - with any category of jobs a company should choose.

Follow link below to the homepage and then click on any company advertisement:

Lastly, for those in the industry who may not be familiar with Construction Equipment - follow the link below for a brief background of the site.

Thanks for reading - with over 15 years experience within the Construction Equipment Industry, we look forward to working with you.

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If you were a customer on the original job board in previous years, please let us know.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

(704) 765-1240