About Us:


The mission of F&M MAFCO Inc. is to provide equipment and tooling resources, rental solutions and efficiency innovations for capital construction, infrastructure & maintenance projects, and industrial supply by partnering with our customers for all their job-site and project needs.
Our values at F&M MAFCO Inc. consist of G.R.I.T. – Goal Oriented, Responsibility, Integrity, and Team Work. GRIT is defined as a mental toughness and courage, firmness of mind and spirit, backbone, constancy, and spunk. It is our resolve to demonstrate GRIT in all we do.
Goal Oriented – We passionately pursue corporate, customer and individual objectives. We have a clear direction and our efforts are focused on the realization of leadership vision. Our individual actions have collective purpose
Responsibility – We are accountable to our customers, our community and environment, our company and our peers for our actions. We are good stewards of the resources provided to us and are committed to using them efficiently to ensure the success of our customers and our company.
Integrity – We do what we say and say what we do. Our actions are consistent with our collective goals. We strive to be fair, reasonable and balanced in all of our dealings.
Team Work – We work side by side with our customers and our fellow associates to accomplish our purpose. We are devoted to unified effort and the communication that is essential to achieve corporate success.