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What is Silver Service?

It's an attitude.
It's a commitment.
It's what distinguishes us from our competitors.
It's the reason we're in business today.

You see ours is a very competitive marketplace. To survive in it, to flourish and grow in it, we've had to keep its basic truths firmly in mind:
That our success depends on our customer's conviction that he will receive better service from us than from our competitor;

That no machine is more reliable than the people who stand behind it;

That a customer unsatisfied for any reason will soon become someone else's customer.

As a result we have dedicated ourselves to an ideal of superior customer service.
We've promised our customers something
we've come to call SILVER SERVICE®. It is a promise to focus the efforts of every Arnold Machinery associate on the goal of complete customer satisfaction.
That sort of promise is more often made than kept, and some of our first talks about SILVER SERVICE® were skeptically received. But hard work and promises kept have turned skeptics into believers, and better service has brought better business. Our future has never been brighter, and SILVER SERVICE® is the reason.

But in the final analysis SILVER SERVICE® is more than a guarantee of what our customers can expect from us. It's a reminder of what we must always expect from ourselves.

Service is our only business and...
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