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"The manufacturer produces a piece of equipment. The user takes that equipment and builds something with it. We are in the middle. Our only reason for existing is to provide services to our customers... to help them utilize the most with the equipment our manufacturers have produced."

"We are in the middle." When Mr. Van Keppel made this statement in 1951, at the time of his 25th anniversary, he was correctly stating the position of his company. As an equipment distributor, The G. W. Van Keppel Company does function in the middle... between the manufacturers and users of construction and materials handling equipment.

Knowing where we stand is important. Knowing how we must move is more important, and Mr. Van Keppel expressed that thought too. " Our only reason for existing is to provide service to our customers...".

Service means being responsive to a customers needs. From the beginning, Mr. Van Keppel was committed to responsiveness. He was the first area distributor to stock his own inventory of spare parts and to sell equipment on terms. These were services which competitors of that time thought too risky. But it was this kind of risk-responsiveness that built confidence in his customers. It also inspired confidence among his suppliers. Mr. Van Keppel once remarked, "My banker loaned me money when I wouldn't have loaned me money!"

Today, The G. W. Van Keppel Company still stands in the middle and continues to move with people, products and programs that are responsive to customer service needs. We make the most of the middle, with customers who make the most of Van Keppel.
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